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From seed to cup,


Lena Street

1600 LENA ST
SANTA FE, NM 87505
(505) 428-0996

Mon-Sat 7:30 am – 6pm
Sunday 8am – 5pm


202 Galisteo Street
SANTA FE, NM 87501
(505) 428-0996

Daily 8am – 6pm

Have dinner at Iconik and hear Emily play tonight July 20, 6-8pm!

Open till 8pm and serving food all day... Chipotle Salmon Tacos and our new Caprese Salad. #iconikDinner #howtosantafe #food

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We’re more than a cup of coffee. We’re Family.

  • First Steps

    In August 2016, Iconik participated in an origin trip and coffee auction sponsored by Royal Coffee and Inconexus in Southwestern Colombia.
    Read the journal of Dylan Miller of Iconik Coffee Roasters

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Direct TradeDo you like tasty, tasty coffee? Then look no further.

Our dedication to buying direct trade coffee supports farmers and their communities, ensuring our coffee is grown with love.

We then roast with enthusiastic detail, ensuring each bean’s varietal, soil condition, altitude and harvesting method come through in each cup.

We’re passionate about our coffee.  How we brew, why we brew, and everything in between.

From seed to cup… everything matters.


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