Modbar AV

Modbar AV hides the inner workings of the machine and delivers consistently delicious shots that evoke the feeling of espresso magic. Knowing they can rely on Modbar AV’s consistent, reliable auto-volumetric technology, baristas can shift their attention fully onto their customers, creating deeper relationships that keep visitors coming back. Consumers are treated to an awe-inspiring experience – as their coffee is delivered with a sense of magic. Perfect.

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  • Add-a-Tap:

    Module supports two taps with no decrease in performance. The second tap can be added to a module at any point, so you can begin your cafe buildout with a single group and grow to two when your volume increases.

  • Linea PB Volumetrics and Optional Scales

    Based on the design of the Linea PB, Modbar AV delivers absolute consistency and reliability from shot to shot. Using optional scales, baristas can program brew ratios or brew by weight depending on their workflow.

  • Drip Prediction

    La Marzocco has developed a new methodology for predicting when to stop a shot to hit the programmed target. The software maps the flow rate of each espresso shot and can accurately predict the future flow rate, so it can stop the shot without the need to program an offset.

  • Simplicity in Serviceability

     Power, water and drain connections have been moved to the side of the module for easy technician access. Under the hood, techs can quickly and easily find what they need to fix, update, or replace.

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Aaron and Rose of Plata Coffee explain why they chose Modbar for their cafe buildout

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