• Week 1

    Meet coffee farmers, find amazing coffees, discover if we can source materials for Iconik merchandise from coffee origin countries.


We had no coffee contacts when we arrived. We showed up, looked for specialty coffee shops and began asking about where they got their beans, how their businesses worked and began to learn as much as possible about Guatemalan coffee.

Chel, Guatemala


On our trip from New Mexico, we realized we forgot to bring brewing equipment with us.  With a 5 hour layover, we Ubered to the city to get an Aeropress, Hario grinder and some Torchy’s Tacos.  At Torchy’s we met a cool couple @grandlala who started following our trip in instagram.  Thanks to @grimmgram for the ride back to the airport and @Boomtown Coffee who was kind enough to send us to Guate with an awesome naturally processed coffee.

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